woensdag 14 maart 2012

No more pc

I unfortunately have no pc available anymore right now
mine has gone to the eternal green fields
So if you dont hear from me, 
you know why

Have fun in blogland everybody
See ya soon I hope!! 

With love

zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Swap with Deborah, Shelly

I haven't been much around since Im not well.
First I thought just a kind of flu will go away 
but I am still stuck with odd stuff... like one ear I cant hear a thing with.
Lots a pain in my face not fun 

But I do want to place the pics from our Swap online for now 

I loved the little fairie she made 
It was a great package she send me and I was very happy with everything.

this is what I send in return

She was happy with the swap aswell... 
In the owl box was tea and chocolate hidden

Thanks for this great Winter theme swap Deborah

I also finished a new amigurumi Shelly and some birds nests

I found a tutorial online for these nests and I love these 
but I thought they were kinda tight. And I happen to like messy
I m not really the tidy type altho my horoscope tells different 
but who cares right! 

Ok enough talk for now, Im going back to bed for now...
Next week I'll go to my doctor for some help. 
Have a nice weekend everyone and I am thinking of a lot of people 
so please dont think Im ignoring you.
Sending everyone who is in need, a big hug and love.