zaterdag 21 september 2013


I recently joined a snailmail group on facebook. For a long time I did not enter the facebook world, but since I tried it I must admit there´s a lot of fun to find.

Here are some picture´s of sending and receiving my snailmails

Ok its fun and I am addicted.
So until next time 

Thanks for watching
Love your comments

See ya 


donderdag 5 september 2013

Busy busy busy

Romancing the Roses 

From my new book 
crochet little bears 
I did adjust the bear a little tho

bracelets for the nederlandse 
swappers blog
They used these to fill the stand 

In the mean time our kids are going to school again for 
a couple of weeks now. 
And are adjusting to regular life 
Our eldest is coming home much more happy from his
new school, so this was a good decision to make.
I am very happy he can smile again. 

I joined a snailmail group on facebook 
and am starting to snailmail 
Work is in progress so will show 
this soon.

thanks for the visit 
See ya !! ♥