vrijdag 30 december 2011

Swap with KimmieNL

Me and Kimmie NL 
had a private swap 

I'll show you what we send to eachother...
I am still very happy with my swap from this generous lovely sweet Kimmie...
I am sometimes happily surprised at what a wonderful people there are 
on  our mother planet. 

Ok time for pictures 

Look a lot of gifts !! Joepieeeee 

Its so much, woll, paper, beads, flowers, you name it
for every hobby of mine there's something there.
How utterly sweetttttttt !!!

And the handmade buttons I really wanted and am very glad with

Here is what I send to her
My pictures are not so great, because I took them at night 
so please excuse me for that....

Here is the whole lot; including gifts for the others members of her family aswell

All wrapped up 

The bracelet I decided to make for here to cheer her up for the hollidays.
She alsoo got the keyhangers she liked so much...

Lieve Kimmie ontzettend bedankt voor al het moois wat je hebt gestuurd. 
Alleen het feit alleen al dat iemand zoveel moeite doet voor een ander warmt mijn hart. 
Dank je wel lieverd. Dikke kus...

Dear Kimmie, thanks a lot for all the beautiful things you send. 
Just the fact alone that someone makes a lot of efford for somebody else 
warms my heart. 
Thank you very much, youre a darling. Big Kiss !!!

dinsdag 13 december 2011

Playing with paper, yarn and beads

Playing with paper resulted in another X-mas star
I really love making these 
my son Manuel had so much fun with stamping 
He was quite surprised when his mum 
suddenly started cutting a potato 
What are you doing, he asked nosy as he is..
I am making a stamp 
Oh nice can I stamp then mum 
Sure honey....

These are from a Free pattern from a dear friend
Antoinette... You can find her webshop here

And last but not least 
playing with beads...

I had to start over and over since I just didn't get it!!
Put it aside for a while and tried again 
Then I still had to start over once more pfff
and then finally I saw the lightbulb on how to make this necklace 


A pattern from Cent perles 

maandag 12 december 2011


After a call to crochet amigurumi's for children in the Dominican Republic 
I pitched in and created this naughty monkey...
Added some more that were still waiting for a new home 
and a trip they went... 

Here is the suitcase the girl took with her
As you can see a lot of people helped out.
She is going to put smiles on a lot of little ones faces!!!

zondag 4 december 2011

Playing with paper

I first had an atc swap on swapbott
We had to make 3 atc for our partner
this is what I send

I am glad she liked them all...

Next I was blogging around this week for as long as my pc is still working 
cause its having a lot of nasty difficulties lately
I came across this great tut on a blog

She made a lovely christmas star and I had to give that a go of course

Here is what me and my son came up with 

I think it came out greatttttt !!! So Kathy thanks a bundle for this great tut
We had so much fun making this....

I alsoo did some crocheting of course 
but will show that later on I hope...