maandag 22 november 2010

Lieve puppy

Last week I found a lovely pattern of a sweet puppy
First came a blue one

Then a green one arised

And now we have a puppy family
Since the weather is taking a turn for the worse
cold, wet and snowy I am glad they dont need to get out much!!

Further I am very busy with the swap at swapbot
I have to deal with my youngest son who is quite a handful
He is a sweet but very busy boy and in his world anything and everything
is possible. But to the extend of putting himself in dangerous situations.
So time to start going to mr. Doc and examine ...

so busy busy busy

Oh I would like to tell you that soon Id like to create a give-away
of my own. I've seen it so much in blogland lately and its a nice way
of thanking the ones who take the time to visit your blog...
So stay tuned everybody...!!!!