zondag 18 september 2011

So much done and made

First I and a friend from a crochet forum went to visit 
a sick other friend... Since I dont like showing up somewhere empty handed 
I made them both a small gift...

After that I did do some more crocheting

And what do you think ... 

Then I wanted to make my two boys smile 
so I crocheted some more...

They were barely ready and put together and the fight who got 
which one started already... I had to referree but they have them proudly
on their rooms.... 

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Kimmie_NL zei

Hoi hoi,
Dank je wel voor je berichtje.. en ik zou heel graag met jou willen swappen hoor.. jij maakt echt hele mooie dingen, vooral met kralen... ben helemaal weg van je mooie beaded bead hangers... dus als je tijd, en zin hebt.. geef je maar een gil.. U know where to find me:-D