dinsdag 21 februari 2012

What I got and what I gave

I recently entered a theabagswap and this is what I got from my partner

I love it and it smelt really really jammy with all those great flavors 

This is what I gave as pif present on a beadforum
There was the desire for a beaded bead with white, black and silver please
So this is how it turned out

3 opmerkingen:

missAlien zei

Hoi hoi
Ik heb je de liebster blog award gegeven.
Je kan hem op mijn blog op komen halen, daar staat ook alle info.Zelf heb ik deze award gekregen van Masodosa.
Greetz missAlien

Astridbears zei

Hello Vengy
you got wonderful things!! Your blog is soo lovely!!

Kirsty Vittetoe zei

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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