woensdag 3 juli 2013

A lot of stuff made

Since the weather isnt really nice lately I am feeling the effect of that 
in my hands when Im crocheting. They really ache, so I am trying to 
take things slow. Right now our boys have their holiday so its busy in the house 
We don´t go on vacation but do get out on trips with the boys. I get really homesick so I don´t like going away. 

I did make the bird branches for Betsy a while ago
She has already received them and was very happy with it
She send me a real sweet mail in return 
The colours matched her house beautifully she wrote
and she was surprised that someone who did not even know her made
such an efford. 
I loved making it for her and was very glad she enjoyed it as much as she did.

Ok time for photo´s 

And more recently I´ve made 
a soap swap box

I send this to Jiske, a sweet girl of 11 years old. 

Bye for now 
and thanks for visiting 

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Joke de Jong zei

Wat super gezellig en inspirerend op deze blog!
Ben je volgende volger hoor!

Groetjes Joke